About Me

I was born and raised in Birmingham, before moving to Reading for University in 1996, and still live nearby.


I've been keen on photography since I was 10 and my parents gave me my first Canon SureShot. That rather sadly met its fate in an aquarium "touch and feel" tank and was replaced by the newer zoom version, which wasn't as good.

It was then that I decided to move on to SLRs. My first SLR was bought second hand in 1994 - a Canon EOS1000FN which still is an excellent camera (and my sister now uses it). Since then, I've moved up the EOS chain, and went digital in summer 2004. I have also expanded the kit list to include a plethora of lenses and filters etc. - each part is credited by the photo that used it.


I decided to set up JAL Photo to showcase some of my work and hopefully start to sell some pictures. I will be adding in pricing for some basic print options. Purchases and other enquiries can be made via the "Contact" section of the site, I am interested in selling rights to certain images, as well as performing commissioned work.