Brands I like & kit I use Canon. Creator of all my photographic equipment from my first EOS1000F film camera to the EOS5DMkII I use today. Excellent cameras, lenses & printers. Yes, I'm a Mac guy. No apologies for that. All my photos live in Aperture or iPhoto. I use my iPhone when I'm out, Mac when I'm home. Now if only I could find real use for an iPad... Lee Filters. A recent purchase for me but one that was long overdue. Excellent filter quality, expect to see more shots using them soon. Every man should own at least 3 pairs of Oakleys! It's like Neutral Density filters for your eyes. Not cheap, but optical quality is important - you only have one set of eyes. Lowepro provide all my camera carrying needs. I can't recommend their Primus rucksack highly enough. The Jaguar XF will be mine one day!