My Friends Clare Dowling is a hugely talented Photographer, Model, Wife, Eco-Warrior and a good friend. Her main portfolio is here. James Corrin is a skilled Portrait Photographer and short-story writer. He's also been busy teaching me some lighting techniques.

People I follow or admire

David Noton David Noton is a one of Canon's pocket photographers and is based in the South of England. I'm going on one of his courses and if I get an image anything like his work I'll be over the moon. Joe Cornish is a Landscape photographer based in the North East of England. His style is easily recognised and you will have seen his work before. Again, I'd love to learn from him too.
Jeff Ascough Jeff Ascough is a wedding Photographer who primarily works in Black & White. I saw a presentation he did at a Canon event and his "don't use Flash" mentality is the inspiration behind the Black & White pictures in my People gallery.